FP Slow Cook 90C
The Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker used in the Slow Cook Mode is best for traditional slow cooking, making black garlic, and sous vide cooking. Simply place your metal covered metal pot directly on the heating plate. For slow cooking in the Proofer both the rack and the water tray are removed. Set the temperature on the digital panel according to what is specified in the Brod & Taylor recipe you are preparing. Brod & Taylor Slow Cooking recipes link here.


Diane Slow cooker with red pot inside

Can the original Folding Proofer be used as a Slow Cooker?

The original Folding Proofer (FP-201) and the Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker (FP-205) models use a similar heating system. The key difference in the new Slow Cook model is the added ability to directly select the Slow Cook temperature and an further improved temperature accuracy.
Setting the older Folding Proofer to 49ºC and placing a pot directly on the heating plate will produce the same results as selecting 90ºC in Slow Cook mode using the new model. When using the original Folding Proofer as a slow cooker, the temperature range of  21-49ºC on the digital panel do not result in the actual food temperature. An approximate cross reference guide for using the original Folding Proofer as a slow cooker is provided below.

Temperature Setting Cross-Reference Chart

To achieve the temperature in the left column, set the Folding Proofer (FP-201) to the setting in the right column.

90C = 49C

85C = 48C

80C = 46C

75C = 43C

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